Reward Points Program

How to signup

Simply create an account with and you’re automatically signed up!

How to earn points

Every time you purchase something you earn points that can be applied to your next purchase. Points per purchase may vary, but in general $1 = 100 points. Not all products earn reward points, such as Gift Cards and some seasonal sales items.

When are reward points available? 

Points become available after 7 days from when you earned them. Before then you will not be able to redeem them.

How do I check to see how many reward points I have?

Login to your My Account dashboard page.

Can I redeem my rewards points at the eHobby House retail store?

No, reward points can only be redeemed through

How do I redeem my points?

Points can be applied in the cart or checkout pages of

How long are the reward points good for?

Reward Points are good for 180 days from when they were issued.

Can I earn points from things other then purchases?

Yes, you can earn points from:

  • Creating an account, 500 pts
  • Completing your first online order, 100 pts
  • Submitting your first review, 50 pts
  • Celebrating a birthday, 500 pts

Reward Points disclaimer reserves the right to make changes to the Rewards Program at anytime.